ACT Fellows and their Projects | 1966-2016 | A-Z


Dr Bronwen Ackermann, 2002
To establish a health curriculum in music schools as well as further develop clinical skills in assessing and treating musicians by investigating practices used by performing arts health clinics - Germany, USA, Canada, U.K., Finland

Miss Monica Adams, 1971
To observe and study recent developments in the organisation and management of Physiotherapy Departments especially in Teaching Hospitals - USA, UK, Canada

Mr John Agnew, 1989
To study concert bands with respect to teaching, conducting, managing, performing, director training, musical arranging and support at a number of institutions - USA

Ms Josephine Alchin, 2009
The A.C.T. Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to study programs that assist women whose parenting has been compromised by violence - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Robin Anderson, 2005
The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study community-based safety programs for older road users and apply that knowledge to developing relevant programs in Australia - U.K., France, Belgium, Sweden, USA

Ms Susan Anderson, 1999
To investigate assistance by police to victims of crime, accident and emergency - New Zealand, Netherlands, U.K., USA, Canada

Mr Warwick Anderson, 1997
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to develop skills in theatrical set design - UK

Mr Don Asker, 1988
To study the relationship of traditional cultural dance, music and drama, in traditional and changing societies in Asia and Europe - Indonesia, China, Netherlands, Hungary

Ms Jessica Aulich, 2015
The ACT Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to examine models for addressing domestic violence which can inform Australian policy - Austria, USA


Mr Brian Babington, 2008
To study multi-jurisdictional child protection systems - Canada, U.K., USA, Ireland

Dr Alex Bahar Fuchs, 2012
The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate cognitive interventions for older people at risk of dementia - UK, USA, Israel

Ms Heather Barman, 2005
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate Choral Programmes and traditions established in prominent Cathedral Schools and Colleges, focusing on ideas of education integration, repertoire, musical development and "bridging the gap" between

Mr Peter Batten, 2008 
To study mentoring programs for young people with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome - USA, U.K.

Ms Susan Beaton, 2011
The ACT Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative models of care for suicide crisis support - UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA

Dr Amber Beavis, 2010
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to undertake training in integrative taxonomy as it applies to the Araneae - USA, UK, Sweden

Mr Thomas Bergin, 1985
To study camel medicine and husbandry -  Kenya, Egypt, India

Miss Leilani Bin-Juda, 2001
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to identify strategies where indigenous youth actively participate in cultural heritage and learning, particularly within museums - New Zealand, Canada, USA

Mr Philip Birch, 1974
To observe and study apprenticeship and adult training programs and placement procedures - Switzerland, Germany, UK

Ms Gemma Black, 1991
To study the art of teaching calligraphy - UK, Belgium

Mr Doug Boland, 1983
To study developments in seed handling and nursery and establishment techniques in the cultivation of Australian tree species (mainly eucalypts) in plantations - South Africa, Spain, Brazil

Mr Mark Bolsius, 1999
To study the fundamental principles of piano design, particularly in instruments being rebuilt with new action components - Germany, USA

Mr Larry Brandy, 2011
To investigate strategies for increasing the number of Indigenous students at universities - USA, Canada, New Zealand

Dr Leonard Brennan, 2014
To examine the difference between minor traumatic brain injuries from direct and indirect blast exposures - USA

Mr Phillip Brown, 2007
To study abuse prevention training for people with intellectual disability or autism - USA, Canada

Sister Margaret Brown, 1968
To study special developments and significant experiments in courses of study, methodology and administration of teacher education with particular attention to the personal, professional and academic aspects of teacher formation in general and specialist

Mr Zack Bryers (2016)
The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to investigate the "Cure Violence" approach to reducing violence within at risk communities - USA, Brazil

Mr Algimantas Butavicius, 1966
To gain theatre experience in practical terms in European drama and production techniques - Greece, Germany, Italy, UK

Mr Bruce Byers, 1997
The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to study aircraft crashworthiness and occupant protection - UK, Germany, Netherlands, France


Mr William Caddey, 2010
To investigate how communities promote and support walking as a viable option for health, transport and recreation - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, UK

Ms Juanita Caddy, 2006
The 40th Anniversary Churchill Fellowship (ACT) to investigate programmes aimed at teaching children how to eat well and to enjoy the pleasures that doing so can bring to themselves, their families and the broader community - USA, Canada, U.K.

Mr Graham Caldersmith, 1982
To work with advanced violin researchers and makers - USA

Mr Allen Campbell, 1971
To gain up-to-date information on automation techniques and on methods of application to industry of computerised control of otherwise human functions - UK, USA, Canada

Ms Nicole Canham, 2008
To investigate the positive impact of culture in diverse communities - Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela

Dr Lindy Cayzer, 2016
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to unlock critical taxonomic information on the Pittosporaceae in overseas herbaria - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, France, UK

Mr Eric Chalmers, 2009
The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study road-related child injury prevention programs - New Zealand, USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Mr Peter Clack, 1995
To examine methods of gathering and presenting news of police activities and crime in prominent newspapers - USA, Ireland, UK

Mr Tim Clarke, 2013
To explore models and the benefits of Indigenous tourism on Protected Areas - Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil

Ms Judith Clingan AM, 1998
To investigate contemporary music composition for youth theatre - UK, Finland, Iceland, France

Ms Joy Cocker, 2014
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to explore Advance Care Planning programs which respect and honour people's wishes for health care including at the end of life care - Canada, USA

Dr Anita Collins, 2015
The Barbara Matthews Churchill Fellowship to explore research collaborations between music education programs and neuroscience laboratories - USA, Canada

Dr David Connery, 2015
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to enhance information sharing between law enforcement, business and community about organised crime - USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Israel

Sergeant Stephen Cooke, 2007
To assess the effectiveness of support programs for families of police officers killed in the line of duty - U.K., USA, Canada

Sister Angela Cooney, 1976 
To study types of accommodation provided for university students - Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada

Mr John Coyne, 2005
To study the rehabilitation of younger Veterans and the effectiveness of support groups which positively engage and impact upon the community - USA, Canada, Brazil, U.K., France

Ms Lorna Crane, 2002
The Sir William Keys Churchill Fellowship to study community based arts programmes for people with a mental illness - USA, Canada, U.K.

Mrs Jane Crick, 2008
To investigate non-institutional educational ceramics workshops - USA, U.K.

Mr David Crotty, 1998
The Australian War Memorial Churchill Fellowship to investigate procedures for the restoration of the Australian War Memorial's Lancaster aircraft - UK

Dr Jason Cummings, 2016
To explore innovative conservation Trust business models, partnerships, policy settings and community drivers to facilitate the adoption and tailoring of arrangements in Australia - UK

Mr Alan Cumming Thom, 1972
To study the committee system presently operating in major parliaments - New Zealand, Canada, USA


Mr Ante Dabro, 1982
To study both the traditional and ceramic shell methods of casting of sculpture - USA, UK, Germany

Mr Raymond Dalla, 1976
To study recent overseas developments in dental prosthetic services by working with scientists and technicians operating in that field - Germany, Switzerland

Ms Wilma Davidson, 2006
To examine and compare massage therapy and aromatherapy programmes catering for palliative care patients, particularly people with Motor Neurone Disease - U.K., Canada

Mrs Theresa Davis, 2002
To investigate integrated response models aimed at increasing the reporting of and successful prosecution of sexual assault - USA, Canada, U.K.

Mrs Lola De Mar Psn, 1985
To study the teaching of fibre craftmanship to young intellectually handicapped people - Egypt, UK, Canada, USA

Ms Berendina De Ruiter, 2002
To study stone carving in Pietrasanta at Studio Sem workshops/short workshops in Carrara - Italy

Sister Andrea Dean RSJ, 2004
To investigate the principles and practices of the "Centre for Teacher Formation" and explore how these can be applied in professional development activities for Australian educators - USA

Ms Annemarie Devereux, 2000
To investigate the operation of non-government human rights organisations - USA, Canada, South Africa

Mr James Dexter, 1989
To study museum education programmes with particular emphasis upon the development of extension services, integration with educational curriculum, services for disabled persons and childrens' courses - USA

Mr Brook Dixon, 2015
To accelerate the creation, connection and application of digital city technology for citizens - Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Peru

Mrs Wendy Dodd, 1987
To study textile conservation in order to improve preservation of the wide range of textile and composite items in the Australian War Memorial Collection - UK, France, Switzerland

Mr John Douglas, 1974
To study overseas resource evaluations and planning and their application in zone or area management - USA, Canada

Mr Peter Downs, 2013
To investigate models of best practice in sport and physical activity programs that include people with disability particularly people with high support needs - USA, UK, Finland

Mr Ian Drayton, 2016
To explore the use of creative arts to manage and promote recovery from Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA

Mr Shane Drumgold, 2003
To study restorative justice programs for indigenous offenders - USA, Canada, New Zealand

Dr Ben Dyer, 1999
To study and compare the operation of large regulated rivers where water is shared by multiple states/nations - South Africa, USA, Canada


Mr Peter Ellerman, 2002
To work with horticultural staff at some of the world's leading miniature villages - Taiwan, Japan, Canada, U.K., France

Mr Michael Ellis, 1978
To study developments in infra-red astronomy with particular regard to the engineering aspects of detectors and signal processing - USA

Ms Jennifer Elton, 2013
To investigate the management of house museums and collections - UK

Mr Terry Eveston, 2012
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to examine cycling and road awareness school curriculum development - Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, UK


Mr Desmond Falconer, 1999
To study the latest developments in urban search and rescue with particular reference to incidents of structural collapse - Singapore, Japan, USA, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Israel

Mr William Fargher, 2009
To undertake a comparative study of international water policy and management arrangements to inform the next generation of water reform in Australia - USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Jordan, Sri Lanka

Mr Benjamin Fargher, 2001 
To study successful farm adjustment policies overseas in order to contribute directly to the more effective management of change in rural and regional Australia - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France

Mr Bruce Ferrington, 2012
To study the teaching of inquiry mathematics in primary classrooms - USA, Japan, Singapore

Dr Michael Fett, 1989
The Medicheck Churchill Fellowship to visit centres which are developing or conducting programmes in breast and cervical cancer screening in order to screen and treat women with abnormal results - Canada, Finland, Sweden, UK

Mr David Finnigan, 2012
To investigate the fusion of science with the performing arts - USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Sweden 

Ms Robyn Forester, 2012
To investigate support networks for Indigenous law enforcement officers - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK

Mr Joseph Forshaw, 1971
To gather information and material for a book "Parrots of the World" - Indonesia, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, France, UK, Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, USA, Fiji

Mr Donald Fortescue, 1991
To study traditional Japanese woodworking and papermaking - Japan


Mr Robert Gault, 1978
To obtain first hand knowledge of developments and trends in the use of root nodule bacteria to improve nitrogen fixation by legume crops - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mr Paul Gibbon, 1992
To study technical training in domestic and industrial electronics - Japan

Ms Jo Gibson, 2003
To study palliative care education and nursing practice development - USA, U.K., Ireland

Miss Cecily Gibson, 1967
To make a special study of Pre-Columbian pottery and to work with and learn the techniques of contemporary potters - Mexico, USA, UK, France, Italy, Greece, Peru

Ms Megan Gilmour, 2016
To investigate education system models for maintaining school connection for seriously sick children - UK, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada

Dr Brok Glenn, 2001
To examine the implications of government and non-government funding of universities - USA, UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong

Dr Michael Gore, 1983
To study scientific exhibits at major science centres with the aim of increasing the scope of the Questacon science centre in Canberra - USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany

Ms Jillian Grant, 1994
To improve ability to train staff and conduct programmes by working with people in need - Canada

Ms Lisa Grant, 2013
To assist young people with disabilities who have been sexually abused to deal with that experience and likely impacts - Brazil, USA, Canada, UK

Mr Mick Guy, 1999
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to gain the knowledge necessary to identify drugs in drivers - USA, U.K., Sweden, Germany, Netherlands

Mrs Margaret Guy, 1966
To observe developments in nursing administration, service and education and to confer with specialists in these fields - USA, UK


Mr Basil Hall, 1995
To work and study at major printmaking workshops - USA, Germany, France, Italy

Ms Jaqueline Hallahan, 2003 
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to assess and promote reciprocal teacher/student exchange programs in the style of classical ballet, contemporary and theatrical dance - USA, U.K., Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland

Mr Peter Halsey, 2009
To study technology and systems used to support the hearing impaired - Switzerland, UK

Mr Matthew Harper, 2005
To study emergency evacuation planning, education and training - U.K., USA, Canada

Mr Michael Harris, 2000
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study energy efficient building design in cold climates - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland

Mr David Harris, 1996
The AMP Churchill Fellowship to study life insurance regulatory frameworks and industry profiles - UK, USA, Canada

Ms Judith Harrison, 1996
To study all aspects of the provision of children's access services - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, France

Inspector Henry Harrison, 1979
To study overseas developments in counter disaster planning and procedures and post disaster rehabilitation of affected communities - France, Spain, UK, Canada, USA

Ms Rowan Harvey-Martin, 2009
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to study orchestral and opera conducting with Johannes Fritsch and the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra - Austria, USA

Ms Lin Hatfield-Dodds, 2003
To examine the design and implementation of wholistic poverty reduction strategies that address the underlying causes of social disadvantage - U.K., Ireland, USA, Canada, Portugal, France

Mr Brian Hawke, 1980
To study the restoration of fine books and fine binding - UK, Germany, Italy, USA

Mr John Helgesen, 2010
The David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to study methods used in the decontamination of fire fighters' protective clothing and equipment - Japan, USA, UK

Mr Darcy Henderson, 2013
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to gain practical knowledge and expertise in sustainable green construction from world leading countries - Spain, Sweden, Germany

Mr Clarence Hermes, 1969
To study the legal process and laws for delinquent and neglected children and adolescents from police notice or referral to final disposition with a view to recommending law reform projects in this field - UK, USA

Dr John Hickman, 1982
To study those programmes for the rehabilitation of the disabled whose objectives are the attainment of an independent lifestyle for the severely disabled - UK, USA, Sweden

Ms Andrea Ho, 2015
To investigate practical strategies for improving cultural diversity in Australian media - UK, Sweden

Mr Donald Hollier, 1973
To observe latest methods in course programming and study techniques in the more famous musical institutions - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Colin Hoorweg, 2000
To absorb the essence of jazz music - USA

Mr John Howard, 1966
To pursue a course of study, both academic and practical, in the writing, production and direction of television programmes - USA, UK

Mr Barrie Hulse, 1988
To visit research institutions and manufacturers of scientific instrumentation and equipment and to study their approach to the design, development and manufacture of such equipment - USA, UK, Canada

Mrs Joan Hurren, 1977
To study the Blissymbolics Communication Programme at the Ontario Crippled Children's Centre with the aid of imparting the techniques to teachers of children with physical, hearing and speech impediments - Canada

Mr Rodney Hutchings, 1972
To examine farming techniques concentrating on the efficiency of low-cost systems of minimal tillage - Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA, Greece, New Zealand


Mr Michael Jasper, 1996
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study the urban design and domestic architecture concepts of Alvar Aalto - Finland

Mr Raynor Jeffrey, 1984
To study developments in grain storage, handling, transport, hygiene, grading, segregation and marketing procedures and techniques - USA, UK, Canada, Belgium, France, Italy

Mr Peter Jeffs, 1997
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study the management and transport of hazardous materials - UK, USA, Canada

Miss Laura Jellins, 2012
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate the emerging use of technology to enhance the delivery of psychological services in schools - USA

Mr John Jervis, 1982
To study the techniques and methods of National Park Rangers in interpreting and communicating natural occurrences and phenomenon to the public, particularly to children and senior citizens - USA

Dr Stephen Jiggins, 2008
The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study media guidelines for the reporting of road crashes by the news media - USA, Canada, U.K., France

Superintendent Patrick Jones, 1995
To study fire investigation - UK


Ms Elizabeth Kelly, 2010
To investigate the design and manufacture of cast glass in architecture and public art - Singapore, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, Mexico, New Zealand

Sir William Keys OBE MC, 1969
To study repatriation provisions and procedures abroad including legislation provisions affecting ex-service personnel - New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada

Ms Carolyn Kidd, 1987
To undertake 12 months advanced classical guitar study with Gordon Grosskey at the Royal Northern College of Music in England - UK

Ms Eulea Kiraly, 2004
To investigate the successful use of theatre as a tool for community building - USA, U.K., Ireland

Mr Paul Klumpes, 1992
The AMP Churchill Fellowship to research the various types of risk to which superannuation businesses or life insurers may be exposed - USA, UK

Mrs Pamela Knight (now Freeman), 1979
To study developments in the teaching of music through keyboard laboratory techniques - USA


Mr Peter Latona, 2003
To increase my knowledge and experience in the use of art as therapy particularly in the areas of youth-at-risk, young offenders and people with various physical and medical disabilities - India, Italy, U.K., USA, Canada

Mr Matthew Lendrum, 2011
To study methods for engaging children and young people with symphonic music - USA, UK, Germany

Mr Heino Lepp, 1998
To investigate approaches to cryptogam (ferns, mosses, fungi) study and education - UK, Netherlands

Mr Dax Liniere, 2012
To enrich Australian music by bringing new, culturally diverse techniques and perspectives to Australia - France, Germany, Netherlands, UK

Dr June Liu, 2014
To study the relationship between the myxoma virus and rabbits to understand the evolution of infectious agents for predicting emerging diseases in the future - USA

Mr David Long, 2004
The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to research how services are provided for people with vision disabilities in universities - U.K., Ireland

Dr Siwan Lovett, 2006
To investigate the feasibility of establishing an Australian Centre for River Restoration based on overseas models and apply to the A.C.T. as a pilot project - Singapore, U.K., Italy


Dr Milton (Mick) March MBE, 1969
To observe the teaching of new courses of mathematics, become acquainted with syllabus content and stress, collect data on the implementation of new mathematics courses and to observe the nature and operation of summer classes in mathematics conducted by 

Ms Cadi McCarthy, 2007
To investigate accessible dance theatre performances to boost Australian dance audiences - U.K., Germany, Denmark, Canada, USA

Inspector Percival McConaghy, 1975
To study traffic management and control, driver training and also to explore developments in the working of point patrols and on the beat systems - USA, UK

Miss Catherine McCorkill, 1984
To study clarinet through private teaching channels - UK, France, Germany, USA

Mrs Alisa McCristal (now Voight), 1970
To undertake postgraduate studies and attend master classes at School of Music, Warsaw - Poland

Ms Julie McKay, 2013
The ACT Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to promote thought leadership on gender equality, focusing on recruitment and retention of women in management roles in non-traditional sectors - USA, Chile, Lithuania, UK

Mr Paul McKeown, 1966
To investigate developments in school planning, remedial teaching, art education and other aspects of education - USA, UK

Ms Karen Middleton, 2008
To investigate the role and operation of parliamentary press galleries in comparable organisations - USA, Canada, U.K., Ireland

Mrs Jan Mitchell, 1984
To study new methods for the detection and conservative treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis, a common spinal condition of unknown origin affecting growing children, with particular interest in the assessment of the use of electrical spinal stimulation - USA

Sister Patricia Moroney, 1977
To undertake a special English speaking course at the Orff Institute in Austria and to investigate music teaching programmes - Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy

Ms Alisa Moss, 2007
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study design aspects relating to indoor environment quality and healthy buildings - Denmark, USA, Germany, U.K.


Mr Peter Nelipa, 1997
To study crime scene management strategies, evidence collection techniques and post scene evidence examination - Israel, USA, Germany, UK, Russia

Mr Rob Nicholls, 1983
To study developments in the training of staff working with disabled people through attending courses conducted by the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agency at Syracuse University and by visiting relevant training cen

Dr Margherita Nicoletti, 1997
To investigate ways to treat the terminally ill without invasive measures and with compassion and dignity - USA, UK

Miss Dianna Nixon, 2012
To undertake an intensive study of approaches designed to encourage and support young developing voices - UK, Czech Republic

Mrs Holly Northam, 2006
To gain comprehensive knowledge to assist in the introduction of ethical guidelines and learn how to provide information to the Australian community about the processes and benefits of organ donation after cardiac death - U.K., Spain, USA

Mrs Megan Nutt, 2011
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to examine advanced practice nursing roles in survivorship care planning for head and neck cancer patients - Canada, USA


Mr Everett O’Neill, 1967
To visit other Phytotron and plant research centres and to have discussions with counterparts in them - New Zealand, USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Japan

Reverend Russell Oldmeadow, 1974
To investigate the telephone operation of counselling services similar to, but not necessarily affiliated with Lifeline International - UK, India, Germany, Switzerland

Mr Ross Ord, 2001
To identify strategies and pathways for raising the skill base of existing and future workers in the seafood industry - USA, Canada, Norway

Ms Ruth Osborne, 2016
To research youth dance programs focused on career pathways, mentorship and creative collaborations - UK

Ms Meriel Owen, 2013
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to study diverse repertoire and techniques for harp in orchestra and chamber music - Austria, Germany

Dr Stanley Ozimic, 1981
To study research methods and development of sub-surface storage of natural gas - USA, UK, Austria


Ms Courtney Page-Allen, 2009
To identify lost portraits of Australians killed in the First World War - UK

Ms Helen Palethorpe OAM, 2001
To examine the development and delivery of physical activity programmes for older adults, with particular emphasis on the prevention of falls - USA, Canada, Netherlands

Mr David Pang, 2011
To study digitisation and colour management techniques for cultural institutions - Singapore, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA

Mrs Lois Parker (now Summerville), 1979
To study education, health and welfare programmes, and social problems associated with hightly mobile families - USA, UK

Dr Anthony Peacock, 2014
The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate how businesses and universities work together to create innovation - USA, UK, Singapore

Ms Alessandra Peck, 2005
To examine a range of solutions and options that international local government authorities have successfully employed to meet the challenges and opportunities of population ageing - Japan, U.K., Denmark, Canada, New Zealand

Ms Shelley Peers, 2008
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study inquiry-based primary science education - USA, France, Germany, U.K.

Mr Howard Penny, 1981
To undertake advanced cello and general music studies at the Hochschule for Musik - Austria

Mr Henry Penrith, 1975
To investigate types of accommodation, management techniques, optimum numbers catered for, in overseas hostels, more particularly those catering for Indigenous people - New Zealand, USA, Israel, UK,

Mr Gregory Peters, 2000
To gain further expertise in antique furniture conservation/restoration - UK, Germany, France

Ms Morgyn Phillips, 1987
To study techniques of silk painting in order to teach to a standard of excellence in Australia - France

Mr Larry Pickering, 1975
To study latest developments in newspaper cartooning - USA, UK

Mr Christopher Pidcock, 2007
To undertake cello performance master-classes and workshops - Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland

Mr Wojciech Pietranik, 1992
To improve personal skills in bas-relief sculpture for coins and medals design - Italy

Mr Philip Piggin, 2014
To develop skills, experience and qualifications in teaching dance to people with Parkinson's - USA, UK

Mr Henry Polach, 1970
To investigate latest developments in radiocarbon dating techniques of organic material, more particularly soils - USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan

Mr Anthony Pollard, 1989
The Kern Corporation Churchill Fellowship to study recent developments in the design and construction of modern building forms with particular emphasis on prefabricated technology - Hong Kong, USA

Ms Alessandra Pretto, 2002
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study early childhood pedagogy programmes (Colour Strings Method) - Finland

Superintendent Laurie Pyne, 1993
To study community involvement in crime prevention - Singapore, UK, Ireland, USA


Mr Ron Rabey, 1993
The Retail Management Institute of Australia Churchill Fellowship to study modern retail merchandising methods - USA

Dr Trevor Rapson, 2015
To engineer nitric oxide breath sensors to assist in the diagnosis and management of asthma - UK, USA

Mr Richard Ratcliffe, 1990
To undertake research into the recording and conservation of historic parks and gardens - Switzerland, UK, USA

Ms Annamaree Reisch, 1997
To identify ways to integrate severely handicapped people with society - Canada, USA, UK

Dr Kelly Richards, 2010
The A.C.T. Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to investigate the potential of Circles of Support and Accountability to prevent child sexual abuse in Australia - Canada, USA, UK

Ms Lorraine Richardson, 2005
To study the ways in which museums, particularly those with strong Indigenous collections, as well as Indigenous run cultural centres, identify, collect, exhibit and preserve Indigenous Intangible Cultural Heritage (IICH) - Canada, USA

Mrs Norma Rigby MBE, 1972
To attend biennial conferences of the International Society for the Mentally Handicapped and study the executive function of national committees in this field - New Zealand, Canada, USA

Mr Craig Ritchie, 2006
To study leadership development and governance models within Indigenous non-government organisations and communities - USA, Canada

Ms Angela Roennfeldt, 1998
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate provision of accommodation for the aged - Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, USA

Captain William Rolfe, 1976
To study the application and administration of military law, particularly in respect to the institution of uniform disciplinary code in the services in Australia - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Alastair Roy OAM, 2015
To examine the characteristics of successful child safe/child friendly policy and practice - Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Mr Leigh Ruxton, 1990
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study pre-employment and employee screen procedures used by both the public and private sectors in order to assist with the development of security clearance policy designed to determine an individual's suitabilit


Dr Tony Schumacher Jones, 2013
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study person centred care for people with dementia - Netherlands, UK

Mrs Jane Shelling, 2010
To assess methods for providing professional information to community based alcohol and other drug workers - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Rifaat Shoukrallah, 2006
The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to examine road safety policies, particularly engineering measures implemented as a result of these policies and their effectiveness - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, U.K., Japan

Ms Marluce Silva Peters, 2009
The A.C.T. Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs to support overseas born women surviving family violence - Finland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Austria

Mr Iain Sinclair, 2002
To study and observe the world's leading dramaturgs - USA, U.K.

Ms Christine Sindely, 2004
To examine indigenous aged care policies and programs being delivered by Governments of Indigenous populations - Norway, USA, Canada

Mr Colin Slater OAM, 1983
To study opera singing at advanced level with particular attention to specific operatic roles including language study - UK, Italy

Mr Phillip Smart, 1978
To study developments in the training of field and laboratory earth science technicians and the role they play - Canada, UK

Miss Anita Smith, 1998
To undertake training in industrial crystal growing - UK

Ms Kerry Smith (now Fitzgerald), 2002
The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate policies and practices used to deter drink driving - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K., Sweden

Mr Bruce Stark, 1988
The UK Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Churchill Fellowship to study airport security with particular emphasis on policing arrangements - Germany, UK, Canada

Mr Nic Stuart, 2015
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate the treatment of head injuries specifically concentrating on ways of reintegrating people into the local community - Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA

Mr Nathan Stirling, 1993
The Clarrie Hermes Churchill Fellowship to investigate projects which assist homeless and at risk children - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark


Mr Leon Tannahill, 1980
To study overseas experience in the development and management of youth and leader training programmes and facilities within the Scout Associations - Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Canada, USA

Ms Itzell Tazzyman, 2008
To further develop my skills in traditional glass carving techniques - USA, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland

Mr Paul Thorpe, 2012
The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to study innovative decontamination of public facilities and spaces exposed to hazardous materials - Singapore, UK, USA, Canada

Ms Nancy Tingey, 1996
To investigate ways to use art as a therapy for people with Parkinson's Disease - USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Canada

Mrs Catriona Tonacia, 2011
To study methods for eradicating the stigma and misconceptions surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Stephen Tuff, 1973
To undertake study of facilities, educational innovations, teaching techniques and other up-to-date developments in the catering industry - UK, USA

Mr Will Tys, 1970
To study the latest developments in glass technology (techniques and design) and to attend the 15th Symposium of Scientific Glassblowers Society - USA, Netherlands, Germany


Ms Rachel Vance, 2000
The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate copyright management in universities - USA, UK, Netherlands


Mrs Helen Walker, 2007
The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study innovative models of care for people diagnosed with early stage dementia - U.K.

Mr Anthony Walker, 2016
The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to establish best practice models for firefighter peer-led workplace health and fitness programs - USA, Netherlands, Italy, UK

Mr Graham Walsh, 1993
To investigate the latest developments in drug detection by dogs - Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, UK, USA

Mr Raymond Walsh, 1973
To study automation techniques for routine administrative processes within a library environment - USA, Canada

Captain Robert Walton, 1986
To gain practical knowledge of the latest overseas developments in recovery from drug dependency in order to introduce improved practices at the Mancare Centre and in Australia generally - USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, Switzerland

Dr Haylee Weaver, 2011
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to clarify the taxonomy and systematics of acanthocephalan parasites of Australian tropical marine fish - Chile, Mexico, UK

Dr Paul Weiss, 1994
To study the ecology and methods of control of woody weeds, particularly bitou bush and mesquite - South Africa, USA

Mr Vernon Wells, 1968
To study all aspects of the pearl culture industry - Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines

Mr Errol West, 1986
To investigate overseas the processes of curriculum development and pedagogy required for the teaching of Indigenous cultures and to develop appropriate legislation in Australia - Mexico, Canada

Mr Ralph Westen, 1969
To study the latest methods, technology and equipment in scientific photography as applied in research units and universities and to increase knowledge in biological and clinical photography as practiced in research institutes and hospitals - Switzerland,

Reverend Ian Williams, 1980
To undertake a course of study as Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School in regards to the relationships between theology and contemporary culture and church and society - USA

Ms Helen Willetts, 2015
To investigate the use of structured assessment tools in family law matters - UK, USA

Station Officer John Wilson AFSM, 2001
The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study Urgent Duty Driving training practices developed for emergency services personnel, along with public awareness campaigns pertaining to road safety within the community - Germany, Sweden, UK, USA

Dr Tushara Wickramariyaratne, 2016
To investigate models of psychological care for older transgender and gender diverse individuals - USA, Canada, Netherlands

Mr Douglas Wright, 2007
To study the clinical assessment and treatment of older patients in their homes or in care homes - U.K., Canada

Mrs Margaret Wright OAM, 1991
To teach music to children using the recorder - UK


Mr David Young, 1987
To bring back to Australia knowledge of the latest methods of disseminating horticultural advice by radio, television, telephone, press and literature - UK, Netherlands, USA 

Mr Scott Young, 2014
The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to advance capacity in vertical rescue resulting in safer and more efficient operations and training - Japan, France, Sweden, USA