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The ACT Churchill Fellows’ Association was pleased to host the 2017 National Convention of Churchill Fellows from October 27-29 at the ‘Shine Dome’ (Australian Academy of Science) in Canberra, Australia.

This special event provided attendees with the chance to connect with Fellows from around Australia whilst gaining a unique and enlightening perspective of Canberra through the work of our active local cohort of inspiring Fellowship recipients.

The Convention focused on the theme of ‘What Happened Next?’ with the aim of uncovering the opportunities and challenges Fellows faced whilst implementing their Fellowship learnings. Close to 200 Fellows and guests from across the nation shared their personal insights during short presentations by over 40 Fellows and facilitated conversations across a variety of panels and focus groups.

The Gala Dinner was held under the wings of ‘G for George’ in Anzac Hall at the Australian War Memorial, with guest speaker Dr Brendan Nelson (Director of the War Memorial), and on the final day attendees enjoyed a breakfast with guest speaker ANU Vice-Chancelor and Nobel prize winner Professor Brian Schmidt; a Fellow’s Art Exhibition at Churchill Trust House; Fellow-led tours visiting some of Canberra’s most well-known landmarks and institutions; and a showcase concert by Fellows at the High Court.

The next National Convention of Churchill Fellows will be held in Queensland in 2021. For questions or follow up regarding the 2017 Convention please contact